Algarve International Dance Competitions


Faro . Algarve . Portugal


Soloist candidates should submit the pre-selection form and the video file from 28th October 2023 to 10th January 2024.

They should also pay the pre-selection fee (20€) via bank transfer. A copy of the confirmation of transfer should be sent by email to


The video should contain only the classical variation to be presented in the competition.

The name of the file should be the complete name of the candidate.

The file size must not exceed 100 MB.

The video should be recorded in a studio and should have good quality image (stability, lighting, definition, proportion) in order for there to be a correct and fair evaluation of the competitor (physical characteristics, facial and body expression).  

Female candidates should wear white or pink tights, a sleeveless leotard and have their hair tied up, without any skirt or tutu; male candidates should wear a fitted t-shirt and ballet leggings or fitted shorts.

The candidate’s identification (name and school) should not be visible in the recording to guarantee anonymity.   

Only videos that comply with these requirements will be accepted for the pre-selection process.

Admitted soloists should complete their registration in the competition, until 15th of February 2024.

The selected competitor will obligatorily appear in the competition with the classic variation with which he applied in the pre-selection.


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