Algarve International Dance Competitions


Faro . Algarve . Portugal


DANÇARTE is a competition which has been hosted every year since 2004, in Faro, Portugal, open to young dancers from national and foreign schools and includes a variety of dance styles: classical, contemporary, character, jazz, hip-hop and tap dance.

It also includes a competition for contemporary choreographers.

Its organization is promoted by BCC - Beliaev Centro Cultural, a non-profit cultural association, whose objectives are to promote cultural development, arts education, training in the field of performing arts, cooperation and national and international exchange.

The organizors of the event hope to be a promoter for this performing art, giving dance students, dance teachers and choreographers a platform where they can exhibit their talent, promote and publicise the teaching and the learning of dance, as well as stimulate the exchange of experiences between schools, students and teachers, in such a manner as to promote the cultural and artistic development of young people and contribute to the making of new audiences to appreciate this art.

Organizing Board


Laura Andrade

Vice President

Ivânia Faustino

Public Relations

Ana Sousa


Natacha Alentejano

Social Media

João Martins


Ana Manjua, Ana Mendes, Ana Paula Horta, Andreia Guerreiro, Beatriz Gonçalves, Fátima Diogo, Filipa Frederico, Graça Rafael, Isabel Serôdio, João Patrício, José Lopes, Leonor Mendonça, Marisol Correia, Marta Girão, Paulo Alentejano, Renato Pereira, Rita Campos, Sérgio Vieira, Sofia Domingos, Teresa Andrade, Vasco Coelho, Vítor Matias, Viviana Costa

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