Algarve International Dance Competitions


Faro . Algarve . Portugal


1. General Information

The Representing Teacher is the liaison for the school and responsible for guarantying compliance with all the rules and regulations.

Reception of competitors and their respective teachers will occur on the date and time scheduled with each School. Competitors and teachers should make sure that they have their documents of identification (ID card, Citizen’s Card or Passport).

There will be no time for rehearsal or stage spacing.

Access to backstage is only permitted for competitors that are in competition. Competitors of level 1 and 2 may be accompanied by a teacher.

Competitors and the general public must buy a ticket from the theatre ticket office if they wish to watch the competition trials.

Entering and exiting the auditorium will only be permitted during the interval of competition sessions. It is forbidden to applaud competitors during and at the end of trials.

All competitors who receive 1st place will perform in the Winners Gala. Some of the competitors who receive 2nd and 3rd place may be selected by the Jury to present their choreographies. At the end of the Gala, special prizes will be awarded.

The Winners Gala is open to the general public, who must purchase a ticket from the theatre ticket office.

Teatro das Figuras Ticket Office:

2. Programme 2021

Given the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, the program may still be adjusted.

DAY (9/04), Saturday

DAY (10/04), Sunday

DAY (11/04), Monday

DAY (12/04), Tuesday

3. Travel and accommodation

If you need accommodation or transfer, please contact Maria da Fé Cunha, e-mail

4. Meals

Recommended restaurants near the Theater:

Self Service D. Afonso I

Lunch and dinner.

Menu: soup, main course (fish or meat), soft drink, desert or fruit

Price for competitors and teachers: 7,50€

Reservations - Telephone number: +351 932 254 647

Address: Av. Calouste Gulbenkian, near the pedestrian bridge

Pingo Doce

Forum Algarve



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